Patient Navigators

When seeking healthcare in the area, patients are not alone. We are pleased to have certified patient navigators to help patients and families through the complex world of cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up care to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Our patient navigators provide:

  • Educational and emotional support through face to face contact with the patient and family before and after diagnosis.
  • Rapid scheduling and coordination of consultations with Surgery, Medical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology.
  • Helpful information to patients about their specific cancer and treatment options.
  • Assistance in reviewing the advice of the patient’s doctor.
  • Assistance in linking patients to support services offered through the American Cancer Society and other agencies, financial assistance programs, home health agencies, hospice and support groups.
  • Access to oncology literature.

Community Care Physicians has patient navigators who specialize in oncology, breast cancer and lung cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Community Care Physicians’ Oncology Nurse Navigator – Mary Bowen, RN, MSN, OCN
Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator – Lindsay Hall, BSN, RN
Breast Patient Navigators – Danielle Harmon, CNBA and Michaela (Mickey) Gagliardi, CN-BA

For lung and breast cancer specifically, our lung cancer and breast cancer patient navigators assist patients through the process of of screening and diagnosis. They serve as a single point of contact for patients until treatment begins, at which point Community Care Physicians’ Nurse Navigator will support our patients through the process.

Meet Oncology Nurse Navigator Mary Bowen, RN, MSN, OCN

A "people-person" who loves interacting directly with patients.

Mary Bowen Oncology Nurse NavigatorMary is a registered nurse certified in general oncology and breast care from the Oncology Nurse Society. She received her Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Excelsior College in Albany, NY. She began her studies at Albany Memorial School of Nursing where she earned her Diploma in Nursing. After several years of working in critical care, labor and delivery, and other acute care areas, Mary was drawn to oncology nursing where she eventually specialized in breast cancer care. What she loves most about her job is the impact that caregiving and education has on patient/family’s perspective. As a nurse navigator, Mary provides personalized, patient-centered support. When a patient receives a new diagnosis, or a possible diagnosis, the physician recommends a plan, and Mary helps coordinate that with the patient. She serves as a single point of contact to assist with the patient’s needs.

For more information or to ask a question about our cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment services, please call Nurse Navigator Mary at (518) 213-0308. We can help you determine which type of doctor or services you need (both internally within CCP and externally, if required). We look forward to helping you.