Community Care Physicians’ multidisciplinary oncology team consists are some of the most experienced specialists who are known for their expertise and care. Our nationally recognized oncologists have brought a range of technological breakthroughs to the greater Capital Region including advanced robotic surgery, dynamic image-guided radiation oncology, genetic testing and medical oncology for cancer care.

As cancer leaders, we offer a number of comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatments to our patients. We are highly skilled in the use of advanced technologies to treat many types of cancers, and our specialists focus on providing you personalized care. Our goal is not only to control cancer, but to preserve your quality of life during and after treatment.

Most cancer patients are treated with surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation oncology, often in combination. Your doctor may also suggest one or more interventional radiology procedures, which can be used for diagnosis and staging of your cancer, insertion of medical devices (such as drains or PICC lines for chemotherapy) and to perform procedures that will keep you more comfortable.

Medical Oncology — Chemotherapy

Medical Oncologists specialize in the treatment of cancer using drugs, also known as chemotherapy. Depending on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is, chemotherapy can cure or control your cancer, or ease your symptoms. Sometimes, chemotherapy is used as the only cancer treatment. But more often, you will get chemotherapy along with surgery, radiation oncology, or other treatments.

Community Care Physicians medical oncologists, who practice at Upstate Hematology Oncology (UHO) in Niskayuna, NY, treat patients with cancer of all types and in all stages. UHO is dedicated to providing our community with cutting-edge Medical Oncology & Hematology care that is personable, timely and accommodating. We are committed to providing expertise, technology, and patient care on par with that of leading cancer institutions in the United States. We employ the most advanced therapies available. Our offices include a CLIA certified laboratory, chemotherapy private suite, and on-site pharmacy dispensing program. Our physicians have over 50 years of combined experience.

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Radiation Oncology

Tumors are not stationary, unchanging targets; they move between and during treatments. The radiation oncologists of Image Guided Radiation Therapy are considered among the country’s leading radiation oncology experts. IGRT is a state-of-the-art radiation treatment center that uses dynamic tracking technologies to target and deliver measured doses of focused radiation, destroying tumors and cancer cells without harming surrounding tissue. This increased precision allows higher levels of radiation to be safely administered, while minimizing the radiation dose to surrounding areas with healthy tissue, ultimately leading to higher cure rates.

Image Guided Radiation Therapy uses daily CT scanning to create three-dimensional images that pinpoint the exact size, location and coordinates of the tumor. Community Care Physicians’ radiation oncology team is committed to promoting patient well-being with advanced treatments that maintain quality of life while preserving normal organ function. We combine our experience with the latest technologies and best practices of the academic, clinical and research communities to deliver the highest level of radiation oncology available for cancer care.

IGRT is centrally located in the Albany/Capital District Region and features a comfortable setting with on-site amenities and free, ample parking. IGRT treats most cancers with radiation therapy and offers services including external beam radiation oncology, RapidArc® radiotherapy technology, prone breast radiation therapy, brachytherapy for prostate cancer.

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Your doctor may use cancer surgery to achieve a number of goals, from diagnosing your cancer, or treating the cancer. Cancer may be your only treatment, or it may be accompanied by other treatments offered at Community Care Physicians, such as radiation oncology, chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Surgery can be used to remove all of part of tumor to study under a microscope to determine if cancer is malignant (cancerous) or benign (noncancerous). Surgery can also help doctors determine the stage of your cancer, or to determine how large the cancer is, whether it’s localized or not.

Our physicians have extensive training in the most advanced surgical techniques, including robotic-assisted surgery. This technology is transforming the landscape for surgery and our doctors are leading the way. Robot-assisted surgery allows for the performance of more advanced surgical procedures with greater accuracy, dexterity and a quicker return to normal function than traditional surgery. From treatments of prostate cancer to gynecologic cancers, the robot is used to turn hand movements outside of the patient into movements of the miniature robotic instruments inside the patient.

Many of Community Care Physicians’ specialists are trained in the surgical treatment of cancer, including dermatology for skin cancer, OB/GYN for female cancers, General Surgeons for most cancers, and Urologists for urologic cancers.

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